WilliamKemp_RepublicWilliam Kemp represents Republic Business Credit in the Texas Market. William serves as a Vice President of Business development where he focuses on delivering both asset-based and factoring solutions. In William’s current role, he is responsible for building relationships with accountants, attorneys, bankers, and private equity groups through-out the state of Texas, understanding the business’s working capital needs, and assisting with the underwriting process. Prior to Houston, William spent four years developing the Midwest Region. He is currently one of the co-chairs for the programs committee in the Houston Chapter. William is a graduate of the University of Michigan. 

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
I enjoy preforming karaoke which may surprise people, as I lack any talent for singing.

Vacation spots you recommend?
For international, I would recommend visiting Rome. The wine, food, and historical sites ensure you will have a great time there.

Most interesting company you have worked with?
We were able to provide financing for a cold brew coffee start-up company a few years back. They eventually started obtaining primetime shelf space in regional grocery stores, which is pretty awesome since they started in their garage.

Favorite dish to cook?
Not really sure if it qualifies as cooking per se but enjoy preparing buffalo chicken meatballs. On the healthier side, I have come to enjoy cooking brussels sprouts.

See any good concerts or entertainment events lately?
I saw Leon Bridges during the Houston Rodeo, thought it was a great show. I am now a fan.

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