WilliamBence_MBWill Bence is a SVP for MB Business Capital, responsible for developing new asset based lending (ABL) opportunities, primarily in the Michigan and Ohio markets. Previously, Will spent 6+ years managing an ABL portfolio for MB Business Capital and Cole Taylor Business Capital, prior to the 2014 merger with MB. Will has over 10 years of ABL experience and began his career with LaSalle Business Credit and later Bank of America Business Capital, where he served in credit analyst and field examiner positions.

Will is an active member of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Commercial Finance Association (CFA) and Turnaround Management Association (TMA) and serves on the CFA Education Committee. 

Will holds a B.S. in Finance from University of Illinois and an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. In 2016, Will was named to the inaugural 40 Under 40 class by the CFA.

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
Back in grade school I could knit and crochet and was decent at it.

Vacation spots you recommend?
Anywhere in Italy and Chicago in the summer.

Most interesting company you have worked with?
All companies auto related fascinate me.

Favorite dish to cook?
Swedish or “roll-up” pancakes.

See any good concerts or entertainment events lately?
I got to see Tom Petty shortly before he passed away.

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