RobClearyRob splits his time between restructuring and investment banking. On the restructuring front, he helps stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing comprehensive profitability and working capital plans.  On a typical engagement, he will build integrated financial models to forecast the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and lending compliance of clients and 13-week cash flow forecasts. Work is performed to reassure creditors and investors that the company is solvent and addressing identified problems.  On investment banking engagements, Rob prepares confidential information memorandums (CIM), management presentations and handles information request. He is involved in outreach to potential buyers, manages due diligence and negotiates purchase agreements to close the transactions. Work is performed for health and distressed companies from negative to $10M in EBITDA. 

 Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have? I’m a two-time Canadian master angler. I have slowed down on snowshoeing after falling in a lake in 2016.

Vacation spots you recommend?
Manzanillo at the Las Hadas, long flight, but worth the time. It is still a somewhat unknown treasure.

Most interesting company you have worked with? A company that was raided by federal agents was an odd one. Also a company that went from $30M to $130M in revenue in one year.

Favorite dish to cook?
Shrimp Tacos

See any good concerts or entertainment events lately? I saw Stevie Nicks in 2017.

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