NicoleMontrone_ENGSNicole Montrone began her factoring career in 2001 at LSQ Funding Group, as an account manager.  She quickly transitioned from operations to marketing, taking over all marketing and advertising endeavors for the company.  In 2007, she made the natural transition to sales, working as a Business Development Officer tasked with mining transactions from the LSQ Strategic Partner network.   In 2011, Nicole made a move to AmeriFactors Financial Group, where she held the role of Business Development Officer for 7 years, achieving Top BDO several years running.

In 2017, an opportunity presented itself that she could not pass up.  ENGS Commercial Finance was opening a factoring company and she would be one of the originating staff members.  She accepted the position of Business Development Officer working for Tania Daniel, Managing Director.  Since the onset of ECC, Nicole has moved into a new challenging role as VP of Strategic Initiatives. 

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?

I am a closet nerd.  My husband and I are a house divided over Star Trek (Aye Aye, Captain) and his favorite, Star Wars.

Vacation spots you recommend?
Since I was a small child, I have always loved visiting Jekyll Island off the coast of southern Georgia.  From the hunting lodge steeped in some of America’s most important history, including the first transcontinental phone call in 1915, to the beautiful driftwood beach, Jekyll Island is a destination you’ll never forget.

Most interesting company you have worked with?
I’ve had the privilege of working for several well know organizations over the years and each has offered a vastly different benefit and experience to my career.  Each has taken the initiative to invest in me and my future.  But, for the “most interesting” I would have to say ENGS.  Being a part of something that is in its fledgling stage and watching it grow into a successful enterprise in such a short time has been a thrill.  Every day I learn something that I didn’t know I didn’t know.  I look forward to many more years with this company and the opportunity to see where each year takes us.

Favorite dish to cook?
My signature dish has always been Tiramisu.  I happened across a very small coffee cookbook in my early twenties that had an amazing, drunken, recipe that everyone loves and is really fun to make.

See any good concerts or entertainment event lately?
Just last month I was able to see The Lion King, off Broadway on tour, with my family.  What an amazing event!  I recommend it to everyone, young and old alike.

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