NatalieLewis_WellsFargoNatalie Lewis began her career as an intern with Wells Fargo Dealer Services (WFDS) the day that Wells Fargo purchased Wachovia; therefore, she feels lucky to have been grandfathered into such a wonderful company. From there she was a Compliance Consultant for all of WFDS. She is now a Collateral Analyst for Wells Fargo Capital Finance, the Lender Finance Team in Dallas, TX. She is responsible for the collateral of a portfolio of lender finance clients, including ABL, factoring, equipment finance, and healthcare. She attended Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas for a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting focusing on CPA with a minor in business administration. 

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
I am a part of the nonprofit, Hope & Love, currently operating under Bridge Hope Ministries. As the Treasury Chairman, Volunteer and Event coordinator most of my extra time is spent with the non-profit. This organization hosts programs to serve the homeless, widows and foster children in her home town of Denton, TX.

Vacation spots you recommend?
Recently coming back from a honeymoon in St Lucia, I would highly recommend this location! It has breathe taking views of the island and beaches. The culture on this island is amazing as it truly reflects a combination of several ethnicities that have come together.

Most interesting company you have worked with?
I began my career with Wells Fargo and have only held a few other part time positions here and there. I suppose my most interesting company would have to be at Wells as the diverse culture here makes it a wonderful place to be. It is always evolving into something bigger and better, therefore, that keeps it interesting to me.

Favorite dish to cook?
I enjoy baking more than cooking; cakes and sugar cookies are my favorite! I truly enjoy the details in decorating and taste testing is a perk!

Seen any good concerts? Entertainment event lately?
I went to see the Backstreet Boys concert in Vegas, and that was a huge treat for me! I got star stuck standing in line at Starbucks; I saw AJ from the band itself. I felt so silly; however, it is a memory with my girlfriends that I will never forget!

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