MichaelTicehurstMichael Ticehurst is a Partner and Field Exam Manager for Rosenberg and Fecci Consulting, LLC, with 13 years of field exam experience.  He handles routine field exams across all industries as well as effectively managing large, complicated multi-location or multi-entity requests. In addition to Mike’s general industry knowledge, he specializes in technology-related field exams in both the Asset-Based and Recurring Revenue (MRR) structure. Michael plays an essential role in the growth, mentoring and development of the field examiner staff at R&F. He is very involved in developing the Company’s field exam policies and procedures and is also heavily involved in business development.  Michael holds a BS and a MBA in Finance from Monmouth University.  Michael and is currently on the Executive Board of the NJCFA. Michael resides in Hamilton, NJ, with his wife Jennifer, and his three children, Brayden, Olivia and Hannah. 

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
With three young children, my “hobbies” have become whatever my kids are in to.  However, before kids, I owned a jet ski.  I bartended each summer during college at a restaurant on the water, and every time I worked the day shift, O would drive my jet ski to and from work. I don’t own the jet ski any more, but still like to tear it up on the ocean when given the opportunity.

Vacation spots you recommend?
My family has a home on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and I often refer to this as my “happy place”.  The air is fresh, cell phones don’t work well, and the Cape is the most relaxing place in the world for me.  I was spoiled to live there each summer until I was 24.  Living in NJ now, I try to get there 2-3 weeks each summer, so my kids can have the same experience I had.

Most interesting company you have worked with?   As a field examiner, our firm has experience in just about any industry, and I’ve been fortunate enough to perform exams on some very interesting companies.   One “experience” I had was performing a field exam on a Company that purchases, but also manufactured/processed, animal hides. The facility was primarily an A/R line, but the Bank had a blanket lien on all assets, including inventory, as such, inventory testing was requested.  This included an inventory test count in the Company’s processing facility/warehouse.  In July.  In Texas.  The smell was…Well, I’ll let you all use your imagination.

Favorite dish to cook?
I guess this could also be a hobby of mine.  I love to cook and try to cook 4-5 nights a week for the family. Grilling is a given from about March through November, however when I’m inside, I can make a five-star Chicken Francaise that my family loves and is a frequent “go-to” meal.

See any good concerts or entertainment events lately?
Again, not to keep bringing up the kids, but the last concert I saw was Kidz Bop Live last summer.  But I am a huge sports fan and do frequent many sporting events.  Work-travel has assisted, and I’ve been to 26 baseball stadiums throughout the country.  Despite living in NJ, I grew up outside Boston, and am a huge Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics fan.  I’ve passed this affinity for Boston teams onto my seven-year-old son, and we made our first “road-trip” to Buffalo (and Niagara Falls) last fall to see the Bills-Patriots.

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