Michael M. Albanese head shot

Michael M. Albanese is the Vice President of Operations for Cost Reduction Solutions (CRS), an international due diligence and collateral field examination firm, head quartered in Northern, NJ. Michael graduated the Pennsylvania State University in 2008. After working at Major League Baseball’s Player’s Association in the Licensing and Marketing/Communication Departments, he joined CRS in 2010. He manages all company projects including more than 200 active field examinations. Michael is a founding member of the New York Banking & Finance networking organizations geared to mid-level professionals, a committee member of the TMANJ Next Gen and sits on the board of the CFA NJ as the acting Secretary.

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
I love attending any type of concert and playing backgammon on the beach! 

Vacation spots you recommend?
Provence – specifically the city of Avignon, France. Go to the country side to enjoy the scenery and then take a drive to the South of France!

Most interesting company you have worked with?
We work under a standing NDA however without divulging any names or locations, I have worked with a company that manufactured life saving devices for the U.S. Military. Their devices helped save thousands of documented lives during various attacks against active duty members, specifically against protecting against improvised explosive device (IED’s) and land mines.

Favorite dish to cook?
The pasta dish from the movie Chef. The ingredients are so simple and the dish is amazing. It includes 14 cloves of thinly sliced garlic. Enough said. Google it!

Seen any good concerts or entertainment events lately?
Yes! If you are ever in the Tri-State Area, there is a free Flamenco show put on every Thursday night at Sabor Latin Bistro. Go grab a table top and order some sangria and delicious tapas. You will not be disappointed!

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