Jonathan Craig is an accomplished, professional, full-cycle recruiter recognized by peers as a confident and capable individual who possesses strong interpersonal and communications skills and the ability to relate to management and associates on all levels. He is responsible for over 150 successful placements in the asset-based lending, factoring, and supply chain industries over the last eight years.

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
I enjoy four wheeling and shuffleboard.

Vacation spots you recommend?
There are two that are my favorite. Barcelona has eclectic, gaudy architecture and a friendly culture. It’s an excellent representation of Europe. My other favorite is Moab, Utah, partly because it’s the four wheel capital of the US, and for good reason. It is a marvel of nature, extraordinarily beautiful. Go camping, go hiking, or what have you. If you like being outdoors, this is the place to be.

Most interesting company you have worked with?
I had the honor of serving in the United States Army. I learned things there that I would never have learned as a civilian, and I implement what I learned regularly.

Favorite dish to cook?
Anything that I can catch fishing. There’s a sense of accomplishment in catching and cooking your own dinner.

See any good concerts or entertainment event lately?
I recently went to two concerts, one was Journey and one was Foreigner, which probably tells you all you need to know about my music preferences. I love 80’s rock ballads.

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