Hossein K. Nouri Photo 300dpiHoss joined Regions in December 2012 after 9 years with GE Capital and Bank of America.  His experience includes Asset Based Lending, Retail Finance, Leveraged Finance, Private Equity Group Lending, Large Corporate Lending and Middle Market Banking. Hoss was a recipient of the CFA 40 Under 40 award (Class of 2016) and was a prior graduate General Electric’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program. Hoss
earned a BS in Management from George Mason University, an MBA in Finance from George Washington University and a Master in Economics from Columbia University and is a registered representative (Series 79).

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?  I started a collection of rare/hard to find history books – got a rare edition of Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ and Vladimir Batrol’s ‘Alamut’. 

Vacation spots you recommend? Definitely the Maldives – swam with exotic fish all day and there is nothing to do on a tiny island you can walk around in 10 minutes, besides relax! Forced relaxation is highly recommended.

Seen any good concerts or entertainment events lately? Because of my sister’s occupation in the fashion world, I get to go a lot of events in that industry, such as New York Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion week. So I definitely get to see some pretty interesting entertainment at these events vs. what we’re used to in finance.

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