Avi Levine_StarFundingComing from a product background, Avi looks at financing differently than his peers. With a marketing degree from Bryant University, and experience developing consumer products and consumer brands, Avi takes a real world approach to purchase order financing. Prior to entering the finance world four years ago, Avi worked with well-known consumer brands such as Bonobos and Equinox Fitness. Currently serving as the president of the Contemporary Credit Club he enjoys planning social activities for NY/NJ commercial finance professionals including golf outings, theatre nights and cooking classes.

Any hobbies people are surprised to hear you have?
I have always enjoyed skateboarding and just recently bought my first electric skateboard. It goes 25 miles per hour, and my mom can no longer sleep at night. 

Vacation spots you recommend?
Anyplace sunny with a beach. Or at home enjoying the peace and quiet of my apartment while my two crazy children destroy everything in sight.

Most interesting company you have worked with?
Bonobos – Bonobos was the first digitally native menswear brand. Working for such an innovative company has really challenged the way I look at traditional businesses and how I see opportunities in the market.

Favorite dish to cook?

See any good concerts or entertainment events lately? A few weeks ago I went to see Billy Joel in MSG. Due to a ticket mix-up I ended up sitting across the arena from my two friends, alone. I actually enjoyed seeing the show solo more than I enjoy going with others.

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